velvet“I never thought I’d be a good long-distance shooter but the confidence my ATG rifle has given me has extinguished any doubts. I used to hesitate over 100 yards, but now 200 yards, 300 yards, or more seems like a chip shot.

The quality of the ATG rifle, matched with a Huskemaw scope, will turn anyone into a marksman. I recently harvested my largest Whitetail in South Carolina at 228 yards in very low light. You can’t go wrong with an ATG rifle.”

Rob Freyer – MD








pronghorn“I’m from Pennsylvania and I have been hunting most of my life.  Prior to meeting Pete at Buck Run, I was reluctant to take a shot over 150 yards with my standard rifle.  Pete introduced me to his custom guns (ATG) paired with a Huskemaw scope.  To say I was impressed would be a significant understatement.   I honestly had no idea a hunting gun could be that accurate, the Jewell triggers are so smooth!  Pete takes great care in building his rifles and I would highly recommend purchasing one.  My custom gun has increased my confidence level and I feel completely comfortable shooting 400-700 yards, with the ability to shoot 1,000 yards! I shot this Prong Horn at 475 yards and dropped it on the first shot.  Thank you Pete for changing how I hunt, you have truly elevated my game!”
Darvin Sterner – Glenville, PA










“I have 50 rifles in my gun safe and I use Petes ATG rifle all the time. I’m taking this rifle for an African plains hunt this year. 

Thank you Pete for giving me extended range and a big boost in confidence.”

Ronnie, Earle, FL








“Hunter, Shooter & Reloader for over 40 years. The ATG/Huskemaw package is absolutely the best I have ever experienced!  Spot on accuracy every time. This Texas whitetail was taken with my 6.5 WSM ATG/Huskemaw rifle.”

Tim Pierson – FL










“My .25 ATG hands down makes me a better shooter! PERIOD!  A 325 yard shot on this South Carolina 8 point was no problem at all with this gun.  Just adjust, aim and shoot him!”

Dave Ziegler – MD