About ATG

Pete Simmons is a Class 7 gun manufacturer and has spent years learning his gun making skills. Combine this with 30 years of operating a hunting outfitter and guide service for deer, turkey, and wild hogs, and you have a master craftsman that knows what it takes to create a precision hunting rifle.

Pete has worked with thousands of hunters to get their weapons on target, and eventually started building his own shooting system to meet the field requirements of hunting in the low country of South Carolina.

pete-gunstockATG Rifles begin with a super match grade, stainless barrel in a sendero contour (Bartlein, Douglass, or Proof barrels). The barrel is threaded, chambered, fluted, and set with an 11 degree crown.

The HS Precision stock, also in a sendero contour, is skim bedded to 1” above the receiver.

All guns include a world-renowned Jewell trigger, set to a 16 oz. pull. Triggers can be adjusted to a lighter or stronger pull, depending on the owner’s preference.

A Remington 700 action is completely blueprinted to include truing of all lugs, receiver and bolt face, and thread aligning.

Limited manufacturing quantities lets us give attention to details and customized options. Some of our customized options include custom bottom metals, bolt knobs and shrouds, scope bases, actions, turrets, and engraving on the barrel (additional costs may apply to custom options).

All metal surfaces are a Duracoat Firearm Finish, which is available in a wide variety of colors. Click here to see color options from Duracoat.

Select an overall finish color/pattern that fits your hunting environments. Popular finish combinations include tan with black webbing, green with black webbing, brown camo, green camo, sand, and granite. For that extra personalization, we also offer hydrographic dipping (contact us for additional pricing).


We are a dealer for several brands of scopes, but for long range shooting we highly recommend a Huskemaw 5x20x50 or 5x30x56 optic shooting system, with a BDC retical. For medium range shooting, the American made Leuopold, with a 50mm objective, is a highly effective scope. All ATG Rifles are sighted in on our 500-yard range before being shipped, or handed over to clients that visit with us.