ATG is your source for custom hunting rifles.

We specialize in Wildcat loads and can build you a custom hunting rifle in any caliber from .14 to .338 magnum. We enjoy shooting small calibers at very fast speeds, with high kinetic impact. One well placed shot in the head will drop a big game animal in his tracks. We might be shooting "Against the Grain," but we've got the shooting equipment, and the results, to make you a better hunter!


After more than 30 years of operating a hunting outfitter service in the Low Country of southern South Carolina, we noticed that most hunters used inferior weapons, and lacked precision quality optics necessary for clean, ethical kills. Our shooting situations range from 100 to 300 yards and require more than an off-the-shelf gun that only gets shot once a year.

ATG Custom Rifles was established in 2008, as a Division of Buck Run Hunting Lodge, to offer a selection of Super Match Grade Guns, with quality optical systems, as a custom made hunting rifle. Our desire is to provide better shooting equipment to our hunters. With more of our returning hunters using ATG rifles, our success rate has increased from 67% to 82% in the last two years. We harvest 200-300 deer per year at Buck Run and we know the difference a good shot can make.

target-220ackleyBuilt from the finest selection of super match grade components, each ATG rifle is guaranteed to place a 100-yard, 3-shot group, in a ½ inch group, or smaller, with our hand loaded bullets.

ATG Rifles are all $3,500 (not including scope). We’ll work with you to select the stock and metal finishes, optics, and caliber best suited to your hunting needs. Our hand loaded ammunition guarantees the best matched shooting option for your weapon.

Whether you choose to have your gun shipped to a licensed FFL dealer in your area, or you decide to visit us to pick up your new firearm, you might want to consider a hunt with us to try out your new hunting rifle. We offer a one-day hunt for $500, that includes lodging, meals, and a semi-guided hunt. We also have 3-day and 5-day hunts available for deer and wild hogs. Visit our website at for more information on our lodge and hunting opportunities.

What makes up a custom ATG hunting rifle?

The best components available!


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